Why the Drama?

Diabetes is on the increase, and it is killing more people each year. Those it doesn't kill can still fall victim to any of a number of serious complications.

The biggest single problem is not the diabetes itself, it is lack of knowledge.

Sometimes this is simply not being aware that you have diabetes - there are often no obvious symptoms of diabetes - but more often it is a failure to understand the seriousness of the problem.

'Pussyfooting' around the issues doesn't help anyone.

You need to know what diabetes is, you need to know how damaging it can be, and you need to act now, not later when the damage is already done.

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Diabetes Cure on the Horizon

In a recent development that has stunned even the experts involved, academics at a Hospital in Toronto say they have proof the the body’s nerve system is one of the causes of diabetes, which raises hopes for the possible near-cure of the disorder that affects millions of the developed world (read the full report here : cure for diabetes).

Diabetic mice regained their health within a day after medical researchers gave them a compound to negate the effect of malfunctioning neurons found in the pancreas. “I couldn’t believe it,” said Doctor Michael Salter, an expert in pain at the Hospital for Sick Children and one of the scientists. “Mice with diabetes suddenly didn’t have diabetes any more.”

The diabetes specialists caution they still need to authenticate their evidence in people, but say they expect evidence from research on humans within a year or two. Any cure that may become known would likely be years in approval before appearing on the general public.

Notwithstanding the possible delay, the medical experts from Sick kids, whose research was published today in the well respected journal ‘Cell’, are still immensely exhilarated. “I’ve never seen anything like it,” reported Doctor Hans Michael Dosch, a specialist in immunology at the hospital and a leader of the studies. Their studies upset conventional wisdom that Type 1 diabetes mellitus, the most damaging form of the sickness that typically is diagnosed in children, was just caused by auto-immune reactions, in particular, the body’s immune system turning on itself.

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