Diabetic Socks – comfort and protection

Some of the most common complications of diabetes concern the feet, and diabetic socks are a good way of minimising the problems. Whilst using diabetic socks will not prevent every problem, it will help with many of the problems. Special supportive diabetic socks will assist in preventing blood from collecting in your feet and lower legs, which, if it happens, will lead to infection and injury in the diabetic person.

Diabetic socks designed to cushion the feet and protect them from scuffing against the inside of your shoes, will also help avoid pressure ulcers and blisters. Look for thick, cushioned socks, with extra-thick knitting on the bottoms of the feet. Thick wool socks have been a favorite for cushioning the feet for centuries, but many modern diabetic socks are also made with cotton and cutting-edge synthetic fibers as well. Your doctor may be able to provide catalogs of special diabetic care products, including specialty diabetic socks.

Most diabetic socks are designed with zero seams which prevents friction burn injuries as well. Any abrasive toe seams can cause problems for a diabetic, as blisters are often very slow to heal, and cause gretly increased risk of ulcers on the foot. Seamless socks are a great help in avoiding such problems. When you try on a pair of socks, pay attention for anything that feels like a “lump” against your foot, because that will be a point where a blister or diabetic ulcer could form later. But if your favorite pair of socks have toe seams, you don’t necessarily need to throw them away. Turning them inside-out can minimise chafing from the seams.

Diabetic Socks which absorb moisture and also keep your feet warm will help stop fungal infections and assist with good blood circulation. Although dry skin is often a problem for diabetics, natural fiber socks and diabetic socks designed to absorb moisture and keep your feet dry are important in preventing infections and especially in allowing any existing injuries to heal. Many people swear by wool socks, but modern synthetic fabrics can do an admirable job as well.

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