If you read some of the older diabetes publications, you may read that carrots have a high sugar content and should be avoided. The good news is that these diabetic carrot recipes are safe to eat – the earlier research was flawed, in fact carrots have a low glycemic index, and are perfectly fine for us diabetics :)

Diabetic Carrot Recipe Index
Apple-Glazed Baby Carrots
Basil Carrots
Brussels Sprouts With Carrots
Carrot Cabbage Slaw (Diabetic Recipe)
Carrot & Zucchini Julienne
Carrot Casserole
Carrots Amadine
Carrots Divine
Carrots In Orange-Basil Butter
Carrots With Coconut
Carrots With Fennel
Cracked Wheat Carrot Loaf
Dilled Carrots
Fresh Grapes And Carrots
Gingered Carrot And Spinach Supreme (Shaahi Palak)
Gingered Carrots
Italian Carrots
Lemon Carrots
Orange-Tarragon Carrots
Pineapple Carrot Coffee Ring
Savory Carrot Casserole
Spicy Carrots–Microwave

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