Emetrol (domperidone) – peristaltic stimulator

Emetrol (domperidone) is a drug that belongs to a large group of drugs – peristalsis stimulants. The drug has in its composition the active component – domperidone. This substance is a dopamine antagonist and has an antiemetic effect. It also has the following effects: increases the pressure in the lower esophagus; improves motility; speeds up the emptying of the stomach. At the same time, domperidone does not affect the secretion of gastric juice. Also, emetrol is evenly distributed in tissues, but does not accumulate in them. Low concentrations are observed in the brain, since this substance does not penetrate well through the blood-brain barrier.

Emetrol (domperidone) - peristaltic stimulator

The drug is prescribed for functional gastrointestinal disorders to relieve their negative symptoms – nausea, pain in the epigastrium, vomiting. It has contraindications that should be considered before its use. These include severe liver and kidney disorders, gastrointestinal bleeding, intestinal obstruction. The drug emetrol is quite expensive, but in pharmacies you can find its analogues, which cost much less. These can be structural substitutes or analogues with a similar mechanism of action.

Emetrol is a popular remedy from the group of peristalsis stimulators. Its action is aimed at alleviating the symptoms of disorders of the digestive system. At the same time there is a general improvement in their motility and functional activity. The drug is used to relieve vomiting attacks in various digestive problems. It is prescribed exclusively for adults and adolescents over 12 years of age.
Emetrol (domperidone) is not used when there are such contraindications: individual intolerance to the components; prolongation of the cardiac conduction interval and other cardiac pathologies; presence of prolactinoma; severe hepatic or renal pathologies.
Also, the drug is not prescribed when stimulation of gastric motility can lead to dangerous consequences – bleeding, perforation. As a rule, emetrol is well tolerated by patients, but in some cases, side effects may occur. The most dangerous of them are heart disturbances, mental and neurological disorders, anaphylactic reactions. The dosing regimen depends on the age and body weight of the person. It is used only for the treatment of those patients whose body weight is higher than 35 kg. Emetrol is not prescribed in hypersensitivity to the constituents, hepatic insufficiency, prolonged interval of cardiac conduction, intestinal and gastric bleeding, the presence of prolactinoma.

Emetrol (domperidone) - peristaltic stimulator

Emetrol has proven to be an effective remedy in the complex therapy of gastritis with motility disorders. Use of the drug promotes disappearance of such accompanying symptoms of gastritis as feeling of fullness in epigastrium, early satiety, abdominal bloating, nausea, vomiting, belching, and feeling of discomfort in the epigastric region. This medication has an effect on the key mechanisms of motility disorders. Emetrol improves coordination between contractions of the gastric antrum and duodenum, ensuring normal evacuation from the stomach and preventing duodenogastric reflux. At the same time, the drug does not affect hydrochloric acid secretion, gastric pH values and serum gastrin levels.